Gullfisken 2013

Check out Gullfisken 2013 at TV 2 kl 21.40. Polkapixel has made the graphics and some design elements for the stage.

Set design: Lise Christensen
Producer: Monster Produksjonsbyrå



Identity design including logo and photos for Elin Corneliussen’s consulting agency called Movendo. Her consulting company’s goal is to find innovative solutions in a more playful manner and the logo is meant to give that impression. The graphic idea behind the concept is that it symbolises a keyhole and the goal is to find the key to new solutions.


Gullfisken 2013

Polkapixel delivered a full graphic package for this year’s show including elements for the set design. The graphic’s main look was glamorous fractal glass/diamonds and divided into four color-themes: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The set design consisted of a skyline made out of commercial products which were cut out and placed around the stage, made to look like a city. The project was in close collaboration with set designer Lise Christensen who also she was the Art Director on the project.

Gullfisken was produced by Monster production company.


In spring 2011, we developed a new graphic identity package for TV 2 Sport’s main program, FotballXtra. We renewed the title sequence we made in 2007 and produced new bumps and wipes.

This concept has an extremely complex and profound flow of information. We designed a new package of lowerthirds and the rest of the on air graphics including tables, football match-results and so on. This project was a close cooperation with TV 2′s excellent team of programmers and developers who implemented the design to work fluidly within the system.

On-air graphics.

Title sequence 2007:

Polkapixel has also developed the loops visualized on screen in studio. Read more!


Polkapixel has delivered a larger graphic package for TV 2 Sporten’s new horse racing program Trav. Included in this package are title sequence, design for on air graphics, loops and prints for Studio.